Exsite Group

Digital Marketing

eSolicitor offers a range of different Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) packages that will help reinvigorate your website and have it performing to your expectations. We guarantee that our sites are search engine responsive thereby ensuring maximum gain from your site through consistent exposure, easy location by clients and an advertising advantage over competitors.

eSolicitor will assist in attaining the following:

  • Increase in website hits
  • Long term targeted traffic increase
  • Improved ranking in Google searches

eSolicitor can also deliver:

  • Keyword rich design to target specific areas
  • Choosing a domain name and hosting
  • Research on meta-tags
  • Ensure your site is w3C compliant
  • Link creation to increase Google’s ‘likeability’ of the website
  • Google Adword campaign

Our packages are designed to be used both independently and in conjunction. We feel that SEO is something you implement over time, hence our reasoning for allocating a month for each SEO package and for keeping each activity separate. In this way we can track the work that we have done and show our clients exactly how specific actions lead directly to increased targeted traffic to your website.